Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Minutes from Meeting

We wanted to compile a quick list of the resources that were mentioned at the last ITS meeting as well as any additional minutes that are apparent in the blog.
  • IESpell- This is an extension for Internet Explorer for spell checking web based forms.
  • Google Toolbar- If you use Google a lot and also want a spell checker for web based forms here is another option.
  • Wikipedia- If you are interested what we are basing our wiki on and want to look Wikipedia here is a link to this socially constructed encyclopedia
  • Off Air Taping Database- Here is a link to our wiki with the Off Air Taping Database instructions. We are also including this in our email.
  • Internet2- If you are interested in seeing the K-20 initiatives that the Internet2 consortium is providing take a look here.
  • Bloglines- If you are interested in using an RSS aggregator to get updates to sites like this blog you can sign up on bloglines. (Take a look at our wiki for account creation directions.)
  • Read Write Web- Here is a decent article on how technologies such as RSS are changing the face of the web. (There are some parts that don't apply to education, but I think that the author does a good job of giving an overview of how the technology is changing.)


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