Thursday, February 01, 2007

School 2.0: Students

"How will you change the world? Your future job may not exist yet, so the key to your success is being a continuous learner."
- School 2.0

This is your space to start (and continue) the conversations taking place here in relation to students and the process areas of School 2.0. If you began the discussion from another point of view (i.e. - students, Technologists) feel free to add your thoughts to the other conversations. Oh, and invite other people (from the School 2.0 map) to join this ongoing discussion.


At 2/02/2007 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

-we would like to see a student-centered project base learning environment. let me show you what I know
-want to be encouraged to use emerging technologies instead of discouraged
-show me the relevance of how I'm going to use this knowledge in the real world
-make it exciting and interactive
-more opportunities to publish using modern technology to show learning instead of just writing everything
-use simulations and modeling as instructional tools. Create a beginning level and develop skills along the way
-want to use my "home" toys to learn
-I want my parents to understand and trust my use of these technologies
-at school I want to be trusted to use my technologies (email,cell phone, etc)

At 2/05/2007 10:08 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Good start to this conversation... this group brings up some touchy issues about using "home" devices at school. Does this become more of an issue when a school/district adopts a wireless environment?

Are schools looking into providing personal learning space or network access to students anytime, anywhere?

You are correct in that students want to know where the relevance is in what they are learning.

[Devil's Advocate]
Does all learning need to apply technological tools? Aren't somethings done best the old fashioned way? If a teacher asks the appropriate question of what tool will help me accomplisth "X" goal and there is no appropriate tool, do you fit the square peg in the round hole because it should "entice" student's to learn?


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