Tuesday, October 03, 2006

USB Application and SMART

Over the past few years the price of USB thumb drives have dropped dramatically. Now you can have 4 gigabytes on a thumb drive, older computers use to have this as their entire drive. So how does it apply to education? Students and teacher now can have applications that are available to them on a thumb drive. Everything from web browsers to operating systems can now fit on these drives. One recent application that we have stumbled upon can be very useful to teachers that now have SMART Boards accessible to them can put the software on a flash drive as well as saving their projects there. Now a teacher can walk into any classroom that has a SMART Board and work on their project. Applications running from a thumb drive can also give student the ability to keep their notes and other information in their back pockets. How will this change the way students work between school and home? It will be interesting to see how these type of applications will lessen the need for a specific computer for each student, or in that case each teacher.


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