Monday, March 12, 2007

The Adventures of Datagirl

The Adventures of Datagirl is a podcast project from WSWHE BOCES... a good example of the use of podcasting for educators!

These short 5-8 minute podcasts examine the use of data for effective use for learning. Datagirl educates teachers and administrators by mixing in research-based information and authentic classroom vignette's to convey ideas about using data effectively.

Read the show notes for more info about the first four (4) episodes:
Listen to our new audio professional development series, The Adventures of Datagirl, on your mp3 player or computer to hear about various data analysis questions and concerns and how our heroine, Datagirl, helps solve the problem! Each episode will be accessible via this webpage. If you need any assistance accessing these files, please call (518) 581-3741 or email
Datagirl visits King Minus on the Island of Unmet Standards to help the new king collect data about why the natives continue to build structures that are not up to par. Tune in to Episode 2 to find out what Datagirl discovers and how King Minus plans to improve the situation!
In Episode 3, Datagirl and the Comparison Shoppers, Datagirl provides parents with assistance on averages. Is one classroom really outperforming another? Tune in to find out how means and medians can change the way we view test results.
In Episode 4, Datagirl assists school districts on how to think about data differently. Can administrators and teachers help students develop a whole new mind? Tune in to find out!

I like how this podcast is starting out. Bringing in teachers and administrators (apparently a superintendent in Episode 4) to ask questions is necessary. I think teachers can relate to the questions being posed about data.


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