Sunday, March 05, 2006

RSS & You

I have been getting more and more into reading news and blogs over traditional print media for several months. I have set my Firefox browser homepages (yep, you can have two) to bring up Google Reader and my Bloglines account as my virtual newspaper.

I am, admittedly, behind in my reading my feeds from Bloglines. However, this is due to my use of my Dell Axim handheld. I've been playing with a very cool tool called FeederReader. FeederReader allows me to download feeds onto my handheld to read anytime, anywhere. Better yet, I can even download podcast enclosures and listen to them wherever, whenever.

I post this wondering who else out there in our ITS Community is using RSS for professional or educational purposes. Where do you see this in the classroom? Leave a comment below.

Soon all component district ITS members will be invited to post to the ITS Community Blog. If you choose to join you'll simply need to respond to the invitation e-mail coming soon.


At 3/13/2006 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use of RSS and podcasting in the Academic field seems to be expanding and people are definitely experimenting with it. I have created a forum for Academic users at

If you have any specific requests for FeederReader and educational use, I'm open to suggestions!

Greg Smith
Author, FeederReader - Pocket PC *direct* RSS text, audio, video, podcasts - Download on the Road


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