Thursday, July 27, 2006

Social Bookmarking and the Power of Networks

I was working on a presentation tonight on Social Bookmarking. As I was looking around my bookmarks and the small network of people that I have started to create I noticed that there were a lot of bookmarks others had that I was interested in. Now I am guilty of not using all the things that I have at my disposal to their full advantage, but I am having more and more thoughts about making things more accessible for myself. As well as learning from people around me. I have realized this as I have started to strip away those old documents on my computer and clean up things I don't use a lot. As I have been doing this I have noticed that I am a real culprit of bookmarking Internet sites and never returning. This is where or another Social bookmarking services have become useful. It isn't just because I can bookmark things and create my own descriptions of them, but it is the added network of people. Using the networking in I have at my finger tips all of the Internet sites of people that I know. Now they can share with me all of their great information, and I can share mine. Think about this when it comes to sharing favorites with other teachers and students. Now we have this ability and it is a simple click away.


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