Monday, July 03, 2006

Google Tool Bar Update

The past week I have had some time to play at home with things that I have wanted to work with, but have put off. During this time I was reloading some things that I had broken earlier in the year and had to reinstall a few applications. One that I had to put back together was my Firefox Browser. During this time I was installing my favorite toolbar from Google. Now some people don't like these type of things but I happen to use Google a lot, besides it has a spell checker built in. As I was looking at the new tool bar I noticed something I hadn't seen before. There is now a button called . So of course I had to click on it, and guess what I could choose to subscribe to the feed with my choice of 6 different RSS aggregators. So I selected Bloglines and away I went adding feeds and more feeds. Now I don't have to leave my browser for anything it seems.


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