Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hitchin' a Ride on Web2.0

Tight budgets, family committments, and R&R, oh my! Bummed about not going to NECC this year?

Never fear.HitchHikr is here!

In changing times, we need to raise our heads out of the water every once in a while, take a drink of kool-aid, network, learn, and energize. Yet, we can't always make it to the conferences we need to attend to mix with the people we need to see -- face-to-face. This is why Hitchhikr was invented, to provide you with a virtual space where, thanks to blogs, podcasts, and RSS, we can connect, share, respond, and grow knowledge out beyond the place and time of the event.

I think this a spectacular idea! I am pretty bummed I didn't make it to NECC this year. From what I have already read during the conference it seemed somewhat different than past years. In addition to HitchHikr, the blogging community has come out in force at Blogging NECC & Technorati Tag NECC06. Don't feel left out, from what most attendees are saying... the conference isn't over just yet.


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