Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thinking and Working

So I am working on my report since I have returned from my little trip. I have been thinking and reflecting about this experience and trying to catch up with all my reading and listening about NECC, which I missed. While jumping over to Will Richardson's blog to do some reading I happened upon a post that related to the One Laptop Per Child project, which you can download a Live CD of. Reading a comment from a gentleman from South Africa really hit home with me. He mentioned that there is a problem with the way this project is being implemented. That is the fact of the number of qualified teachers. How will this affect the project? In the States I think that we are still working on this ourselves. It definitely came up while I was in Uganda. Think about the numbers, 600 students in a school and 10 teachers. How would this influence the possible use of technology in a classroom, even if every student had a laptop.

Just thinking about where we are with technology in the States, and where we are going.