Monday, June 25, 2007

Geo-trekking & Geocaching from Atlanta

Harrow there has been much interest inusing GPS in our area, so I decided to attend a session on Geotrekking and Geocaching with GPSr to build Integrated literacies. Tim Pelton gave a solid overview of GPS and Geocaching. He even mentioned a phrase they use to notify other cachers of Muggles (those that don't know of geocaching) that are about... "Where's Grandma?"

Geotrekking involves a collection of caches that has educational topics. ecologically, historical geographically or mathematically significant sites. It sounds as though setting up geotreks on a school campus would be an idea, but I'm not sure if that's ideal. Could this be something that turns into an homework/research assignment?

Imagine students researching the local environment through contacting the local government, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) , and hiking around the area where they might create a geotrek for fellow students or better yet, the entire community to learn about the environment. I think of students working through defining a problem, researching the possible causes of the problem and potential solutions and setting geocaches that highlight troubled areas, the possible causes and information about the potential solutions and how to get involved.

I'm glad that GPS was presented, however, I wonder where the educational ideas are available on the web. I'm wondering if you might add your ideas to our wiki site. Visit our wiki resource to share your ideas.


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