Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Handheld Mo-Blogging

I'm currently trying out blogging apps for my handhelds (Windows Mobile & PalmOS). I am currently posting using AvantBlog an application that allows you to post to a Blogger account. I have 4 blogs to choose from in my blogger account (some I have created, others I have been invited to post to). My interest is mainly how students can post to blogs from a handheld computer without being "connected". AvantBlog allows you to post offline and HotSync to upload the post.
I don't particularly like the small input area or the limited title length. I'd like to try this out with a class that has handhelds in it. Please contact Brian if you are interested. I have also started a new blog on called "Mobile Mind-ed" that will log my thoughts, ideas and experiences using handheld computers in classrooms.

Here goes...


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